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The quality of the power adapter from several aspects distinguish

Author:Roadsunny Date:2013-02-21 9:12:07

After the fierce market competition and strict supervision and management of government departments, small production scale, poor technical conditions, backward production facilities, small businesses lack the technical force is gradually being phased out, the proportion of large and medium-sized enterprises has increased annually. But still small businesses in our country at this stage the producers of the power adapter, and even some hand-clandestine workshops, the quality of products produced by these enterprises is worrying, in recent years, the National Inspection and Quarantine supervision and checking of the Bureau and the Ministry of Information Industry Organization, the pass rates of less than 80%, there are some quality problems are mainly:

    1. Product mark is not complete or not standardized

    Tag should contain the correct installation of guiding users important information to label their products correctly mark is one of the basic measures to ensure that the user's personal and property safety. Durable and eye-catching, marking requirements tag should not fall off after normal use, the content should be cleaned and legible. The domestic sales of the product requires Chinese Simplified logo should contain at least the following information: the name of the manufacturer or distributor, trademark or identification mark; model code or model specifications; nature of supply; rated supply voltage range. If the information is incomplete, not properly guide consumers to use, and some may even misuse and damage their mating electronic equipment, a common problem for Chinese logo, name or trademark, model code or model specifications.

    2. Non-standard power plug

    Our provisions household single-phase power plug poles ground and poles with the ground in two forms, as shown in the power plug use should be able to prevent unipolar insert, that is, when a latch plug socket charged cuill mated other bolt is not accessible. Spot checks found that the existence of the phenomenon of latch long, the latch too long to increase the risk of electric shock by the user in the mating process. In addition, the shape of the power plug does not comply with the requirements more common plug socket used in China is not complete, it can easily cause an electric shock.


    3. Under normal operating conditions of the heating does not meet the requirements

    The role of the power adapter is converting voltage need to consume part of power, because there is a loss in the voltage converting process, electrical energy is converted into heat energy, a part of heat energy by radiation, convection, conduction, three cooling mode to be distributed to the surrounding environment, another portion of heat self-absorption, so that the temperature rise of the power adapter. The heat insulation material law, the equipment internal temperature rises to a certain temperature will lead to the rapid aging of the insulating material and shorten the life of the test, resulting in reduced performance security. Thus, the normal working temperature of the power adapter only be controlled within a proper range, in order to ensure its security, to work properly.

    Power adapter under normal operating conditions, the temperature rise is too high is a common problem, as the world's leading IT suppliers Compaq Computer Corporation, Apple Computer Inc. have announced worldwide, laptop AC Adaptor The adapter may be due to running temperature, prone to the risk of fire, initiated a recall and replace the power adapter in the world.

    Supervision and spot checks found that some products under normal operating conditions, the product printed circuit board and transformer winding temperature is too high, there is a big security risk. Use as consumers, should pay close attention to the temperature rise of the product, the most simple way is the use of the product to the test shell temperature rise, power adapter case temperature difference between ambient temperature not exceeding 60 ° C, even if In the hot summer months, the ambient temperature reaches 35 ℃, case temperature can not exceed 95 ° C, if the product temperature rise is too high, we should stop using it in a timely manner.

    4. Products in short circuit and overload safety performance risks

    Short circuit fault conditions in the output short circuit, a capacitor or a diode other parts, the internal loss of the power supply adapter is increased dramatically, resulting in the rise of the temperature rise of the various parts. Electronic circuit design and application, should be guaranteed under abnormal operating and fault conditions, the temperature rise of the various parts of the product can not exceed the specified requirements, and can not even make the items around fire danger, power adapter can be damaged under fault conditions, but you can not reduce the safety performance of the device.

    Products fail to meet requirements under abnormal operating and fault conditions is a pervasive problem in the random checks, fault conditions, some shell temperature exceeds 150 ° C, shell softening phenomenon seriously degrade the safety performance of the product.