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Professional power adapter manufacturer, focus on the power adapter for 10 years

Author: Date:2016-11-01 11:41:54

Professional power adapter manufacturer, focus on the power adapter for 10 years

"Green, environmental protection and energy saving way is suggested the power," suggested that brand slogan - road.


Shenzhen road is suggested technology co., LTD. Is a focus on the development and production of power adapter, power supply manufacturer.

The company was founded in 2006 after 10 years of development, has been in the power adapter industry with strong technical force, and on the design and manufacture of switching power supply for many years accumulated a solid experience, carry out ISO - 9001:2000 for systematic management, and owns two brands 【RSUN 】and 【 SJ 】  the power adapter are exported to all over the world, is suggested for road 【RSUN 】  LOGO. In the future, "RSUN" brand is committed to create high quality products of technology innovation, from product quality to win the trust of our customers, and with the domestic and foreign outstanding suppliers and customers to establish long-term and in-depth cooperation. Dedicated to provide customers with quality products, services, and the superior solution.

Company perennial supply of 1-150 w charger and power adapter products, voltage from 3-48 v is optional, and product design meet energy star category five energy efficiency requirements, CCC, UL, PSE, KC, GS, CE, FCC, SAA and other countries certification standards, do the special power adapter manufacturers, seek breakthrough innovation gene, is my company higher positive innovation in the new market opportunity to win.

Road is suggested idea - do everything well, best! "Road is suggested as you build [environmental] [security] [energy] power adapter products.

Company spirit of "professional, integrity, innovation, service" concept, always adhere to the "customer first" principle, with customers hand in hand advance together, in the cooperation of the communist party of China seeks the development, to achieve "win-win".


Products applicable to:

♦ LED driver: LCD splicing screen, LED display, LED lamps, LED modules, diving lights, tunnel lights, fence chy-tech, wash wall lamp, shoot the light, magic light, article LED lights and backlight chy-tech;

♦ security: alarm host, alarm equipment, video camera, network camera, the optical transceiver, DVR, NVR, video recorders, fingerprint punch machine, roll machine, liquid crystal card, access control machine, card reader, the door bell, cueing machine, etc.;

♦ intelligent home appliances: electronic refrigerator, mini TV, dc fan, mosquito lamp, air purifier, intelligent vacuum cleaners, electric toothbrush, humidifier, electric shavers, electric pumps, etc.;

♦ beauty massage: massage, beauty instrument, ultrasonic teeth cleaning machine, atomizer, nail machine, light solid machine, aromatherapy machine, etc.;

♦ medical equipment: blood pressure, blood pressure, blood glucose meter, scanners, instruments and meters, etc.;

♦ digital communications: machine station amplifier, set-top boxes, digital photo frame, tablet PC, MID \ notebook computer, hard disk BOX, high-definition player, TV BOX, speakers, mobile phone, VGA splitter, cable extender, hd converters, mini projector, 2.5 -inch mobile hard disk, mobile DVD, TV BOX, wireless audio equipment, charging equipment, MP3 / MP4, a small desk lamp, the effect of routers, power supply, switching, game consoles, telephones, lights, controller and other household/portable devices, etc.


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