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How to choose a good quality for their own mobile phone and tablet PC mobile power?

Author:Roadsunny Date:2013-01-31 19:18:47

SZ: abbreviation of Shenzhen Pinyin, because of the low quality of products, into a cottage in lieu of that (SZ). In the industry, the mention of Shenzhen Huaqiang North, the common idea is cottage are. Only you can not think, no you can not buy. Mobile power 90% of the manufacturers in Shenzhen, which 90% of the manufacturers are cottage manufacturers, of poor quality, making simple, because of its low cost, the market see twenty or thirty million mobile power, its profits can reach about 30%. It is precisely because these poor cottage products, so many consumers caught uninformed. But businesses are Xingzhi high, the root cause is a "benefit".

          Mobile power in 2012, becoming the most popular product in the digital market. Mobile power on Taobao search, the search results show that there are 355,000 mobile power. Away the Huaqiang North Longsheng, Ming-tong, SED markets, you can see a wide range of mobile power.

        According to industry sources, a cottage 3600mAh mobile power, the price is only $ 23, if you use a battery, electricity board, casing the cost is much higher than this price. After brand mobile power packaging will Taobao Lynx, for a lot of parents who do not know the behind.
        Power adapter manufacturers as upstream suppliers, Road Shengyuan remind everyone can make a choice from the following points:

1, in the purchase of mobile power, use of this product models in the Baidu search, find related media introduced their product review articles, the best kind of specialized equipment test article is more reliable. But those who brand products, and its products will have a media evaluation.

2, view its product purchasing records, as well as users who have purchased the evaluation.

3, select the Lynx, Jingdong Mall to buy.

4, moderate price, not cheaper plans.

If you buy in the store, you can see the workmanship, good quality mobile power, all very attentive to the details of the above work.

Before buying can also consult an experienced friend or from its upstream suppliers (such as providing power charger manufacturers) to understand, because as suppliers tend to be a more in-depth understanding of the customers. You can whereabouts some salesman is understood.