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Power adapter, switching power supply heating, heating normal?

Author:roadsunny Date:2014-06-09 12:26:04

In the samples sent to customers, often encounter customers reflect the power adapter fever. Then, the power adapter fever is a normal phenomenon? Fever is why?

In fact, learned in physics, as long as the object work, will generate heat. The process of converting and power adapter is the current work process. Efficiency of the switch power supply conversion between 60-90%. That is to say there are 10-40% electric energy wasted, and this part of the energy lost as heat. Therefore, power adapter fever is normal.

However, the power adapter is the role of the electric 100-240VAC into voltage and current output supply we want appliances. The heat energy in the power adapter is useless energy. Therefore, we hope that the heating power adapter smaller is better.

So, what the temperature is normal? In fact, for the power adapter in temperature, there are requirements for certification. In general, the shell temperature do not supply more than 95, of course, a lot of the time we are controlling the temperature at 65 degrees below, we use the hand dare long-term holding, and the power of internal temperature, highest may reach more than 110 degree, according to the different grades of material and high frequency transformer, common CLASS class B. Moreover, some components of the temperature is beneficial to improve the efficiency of power supply, is not to say that the smaller the better. But, these elements emit heat will affect the surrounding components. So will the temperature control in the range of low.

The power adapter is the main factors influencing the temperature efficiency, of course, size larger, heat sink a little, can let the heat more evenly, can let the power of the temperature is more easy out, power surface temperature will be lower.

Select the power, must choose the power adapter power supply adapter manufacturer normal production, because of the power of formal manufacturers are in accordance with the certification requirements to design. Not only the appearance of. Small size power supply, heating in the materials and design of similar circumstances more. Don't let the power adapter full work, use the rated output current 70-80% is more reasonable. For example, 2A power adapter to use about 1.6A, so, the heating will be smaller, the life of the power supply will increase a lot.

Of course, the use of time also should pay attention to the power of good ventilation, do not let the heat does not come out.