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Hail damage from the multi-provinces of the country, to see the power adapter and other electronic products environmental issues

Author:Roadsunny Date:2013-03-22 15:31:23
In recent years, natural disasters, more and more. From the 2008 snowstorm, earthquake. As well as the frequent earthquakes in recent years, solar storms in 2012, to March 20, a few days ago, Dongguan hail damage. The number of people killed by natural disasters each year more and more, more and more disasters. Prophecy 2012 doomsday did not come, but a growing number of natural disasters, people have to worry about their own personal safety.
       Face of increasingly frequent natural disasters, we reflect on what we do as a human to dominate the fate of the planet?
       Modern developed industry, a variety of energy waste and over-exploitation of the Earth becomes less and less calm.
       Improvement of living standards, bring motor vehicles and electrical products to grow exponentially. Atmospheric pollution and energy waste. Brought the Earth's natural disasters on human punitive.
       Separate external power loss is staggering. It is estimated that, by 2006, the global power adapter and battery charger annual standby power consumption has reached 60TWh (megawatt hours), in recent years, the rapid growth indicators. Some external power conversion efficiency of only 20% -40%, while some of the product efficient conversion efficiency can be up to 90%. In the domestic, non-standard power plant everywhere, calculated per 100 000 per month, even 10,000 small non-standard power adapter power plant produced electricity energy waste is staggering.
       Moreover, the survey found that more than half of users have been not the laptop, mobile phone charger from the outlet down, In fact, the charger has always been the loss of electricity.
In recent years, countries have developed energy efficiency standards for external power supply, such as California, the CEC, the EU's ERP and our energy efficiency standards are external power adapter in Depletion and efficiency with clear requirements, and all material provisions the use of environmentally friendly materials, but still part of the manufacturer, in the manufacture of energy is not environmentally friendly power products.
To protect the Earth, Natural Disaster Reduction. Manufacturers should be strictly in accordance with national requirements to achieve energy saving and environmental protection. Everyone should develop to hand off the water, turn off the electricity good habits. The government should step up efforts to crack down on unqualified vendors, so that the specifications of the power plant to the healthy growth.
        Protection of the environment, energy saving and environmental protection, can not be natural disasters, reduce the tragedy not let hail damage!