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2013, LED lighting will be more intelligent lighting control

Author:Roadsunny Date:2013-01-12 17:09:51
2013, LED lighting will be more intelligent lighting control, remote control through a cell phone or other device, for example, however, remain the same, low-cost, high reliability lighting is the user willing to pay for real the 2012 harvest manufacturers precisely in line with this principle.
In the past year, although in many countries, including China, have begun to prohibit the sale of incandescent, but sales of LED lamps do not schedule the outbreak, but there was a chain storm closure of many lighting manufacturers, however, manufacturers wreathed in smiles, earn pots full bowl full, the LED lighting market in 2013, with the replace 40-watt (W) incandescent LED bulbs retail lowest price has reached $ 10 sweet spot of industry have been optimistic about the overall LED lighting market is expected next year to go warm here, combined with the Power Integrations, several major LED manufacturers to talk about the latest release of the new 2013 LED lighting solutions four trends.
Trend: single-stage circuit architecture gradually occupy the mainstream
In the previous program, in order to obtain better dimming characteristics, many solution providers adopt the two-tier structure, namely PFC (power factor correction) + isolated DC / DC converter architecture, this design can effectively reduce the power pattern wave, because the designers believe that the single-stage PFC circuit ripple is too large, the fear arising from the life of LED luminous efficiency and color temperature, therefore, the use of two-stage circuit more, and now, with the single-stage high switching frequency the launch of the program, the advantages of the single-stage circuit is very obvious, because in terms of efficiency, two-stage circuit is difficult with a single-stage confrontation, several vendors can be a single-stage program to do more than 92% efficiency, two-stage circuit, usually Only about 85% efficiency.
Another advantage of the single-stage circuit is a simple circuit, single-stage circuit program will occupy the mainstream. This is also the view of some industry experts.
Trends: electrolytic capacitors mature
Since the LED lighting gradually take the heat, about the use of electrolytic capacitors in the lighting scheme controversy, opposition electrolytic capacitor led lamp life killer that electrolytic capacitors seriously affect the life of the LED lamps, and the people that support electrolytic capacitor filter ripple can not be ignored, especially brought by non-electrolytic capacitor ripple current and lead to the low-frequency flicker began more and more people pay attention, the researchers believe, is lower than 165Hz frequency flash even the human eye imperceptible eye cause physical discomfort, but this has been for some people, a large range of low-frequency ripple will also lead to some digital camera equipment difference frequency flashing light and dark grid, so support suggested that the high standard electrolytic capacitors, but this increases the cost and size. Do no solution to it?
From a look at the latest of several new products, leading manufacturers agreed that the electrolytic capacitors programs will be the future of mainstream resolve flicker and ripple, each style all their own, for example, the PI used increasingly measures to enhance the frequency of the switching power supply 132KHz, under such a high frequency, the ripple will be much smaller, and the same time, the desired transformer cores can be reduced, the corresponding lower cost.
Of course, but also by the highly integrated single-stage program to strengthen the effect of eliminating the need for electrolytic capacitors the PI LYTSwitch IC, for example, not only eliminates the need for high-voltage large-capacity electrolytic capacitors, can also reduce the number of external components, thereby significantly extend the use of the drive life, Andrew Smith, senior product marketing manager at Power Integrations' pointed out that such programs even in high ambient temperatures can extend the service life of LED lamps, using accurate primary-side control allows the drive to get really strict constant current performance in different load, constant current regulation within a wider temperature range and manufacturing differences to better than + / - 5%, so that in itself helps to extend the life of the LED lamps.
Trend: integrated PFC MOSFET become a standard
Program in the past, especially in low-power lighting solutions, many manufacturers do not consider the PFC circuit, because on the one hand is the countries do not have mandatory requirements, on the other hand will increase program costs, but in low-power drive program integrated PFC has become the standard, the first of which is consistent with the trend of energy saving, the other is the Chinese government is clearly the first tenders of such requirements, chip manufacturers have followed suit.
For example, PI's LYTSwitch IC PFC and constant current (CC) integrated into a single switch circuit, so that the efficiency in typical applications can be increased to 90% or more, the power factor is greater than 0.95, and easily meet EN61000-3-2C on The total harmonic distortion (THD) requirements. The design optimized THD less than 10%.
According to McKinsey market research report "Lighting the Way" the LED Bulb prices fell about 9% of the speed of each quarter. IC components manufacturers in order to make up for the price decline in losses will be highly integrated strategy to strengthen the functionality of the driver IC, many manufacturers use the strategy of the integrated MOSFET integrated 500V or 600V MOSFET and provides complete protection scheme allows LED program more compact reliability enhance the PI program is integrated 650V and 725V high-voltage MOSFET.
Trend four: dimming technology big upgrade, is expected to become the lighting bright spot
The dimming technology challenges facing the LED lighting applications, very large, due to LED lighting to use more current drive mode, dimmer multi-voltage dimming considerable challenges in compatibility, however, this is also to distinguish the the program merits of a weapon, LED dimming solution in the past, the common dimming range, suddenly lights dimming, dimming flashing, seriously affect the user experience, but With the PI and other company-specific programs launched LED dimming is expected to solve, PI latest LYTSwitch IC has excellent dimming performance can be achieved, even in low conduction angle can easily reach NEMA startup speed of SSL6 standards, another of the drive is very fast, usually less than 500 milliseconds, even if 10% of the amount of light output is turned on its startup speed is also fast, the actual program, the use of the bulb LYTSwitch IC design able to off almost the same as when dimming the angle of conduction, which virtually eliminates suddenly become brighter. Furthermore, the dead zone in the SCR light is eliminated, this is because the LYTSwitch controller can ensure that when the dimmer is a start working immediately dimming. In this regard, the PI boasts a patented circuit technology, the program really advantage obviously.
Dimming technology is another challenge compatibility issues, there is not a program can be 100% compatible with dimmer, they are able to achieve more than 90% has been very good, China announced it now can do this ratio is Power Integrations company, it seems, PI dimming has really done a lot of work. With the increasing popularity of LED lamps, dimming technology upgrade can bring more and better experience, will become a new selling point, when options can look at this function. Support dimming mode, the manufacturers generally supported SCR dimming and PWM dimming.
Looking ahead to 2013, 13 years will be a real LED lamps to mature a year!