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LED Lighting Standard International

Author:Roadsunny Date:2012-12-19 19:25:33
  2010, many industry experts believe to be the global LED lighting market "blowout" of the year, attracting such a large market standards on countries in the "wrestling." Surging undercurrent of LED standards battle has now become a national scramble LED lighting market Fa code, keen to LED lighting standards by the early release for LED industry by mastering their own voice in the global development, access to overseas markets and the global LED industry, the competitiveness initiative.
      South Korea from March 2009 to develop and taken steps to standardize specifications. April 20, 2009 in Seoul Hotels Songpa Area with electrical standards of the international conference held (IEC) of the "lighting (IECTC34) International Conference on the Standardization." The main content of the proposal is to replace incandescent and halogen lamps and for the development of LED lamps and LED lamps KS promote national standards for the IEC international standard. In the same year on November 3, the Department of Technical Standards Korea Institute of Knowledge Economy said that the submission of the light-emitting diode (LED) lighting standards to be adopted as draft international standards, International Electrotechnical Commission, is expected to become the first international standards for LED lighting.
      In addition, in October 2009 in Hungary, South Korea at the International Conference on the proposed promotion plan, and in April 2010 in Finland at the International conference on a more in-depth content in an attempt grabbed the initiative LED lighting standards actively promoting Korea's LED lighting products and measurement standards become international standards.
      Seeing South Korea's LED lighting standards thrown out, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has experienced three times in the draft, and finally on the LED lamp, Energy Star standards issued the final version of recognized and requested in August 31, 2010 entered into force. Energy Star standard release time than originally planned by the end of December 2009 nearly a month earlier. This can obviously see that the United States Department of Energy is also keen to LED lighting standards by the early release of LED lighting products to the industry standard has been followed, and LED lighting to be appropriate to maintain order, through the development of international standards and advanced testing research on methods to affect other countries or regions standards to win more benefits for the United States.
      White LED lighting standards to promote the area, the most advanced countries are Japan, in 2004 four groups in Japan jointly established "white LED light metering method with General", as the only white LED for lighting measurement set Criteria, 2006 March 4 groups have also published a revised version of this standard to increase the standard and to revise the original content. Currently in Japan, despite government and industry associations are also extensively discussed the formulation of relevant standards, but has not yet entered the development stage, is still under consideration. Advanced countries such as Japan, although the LED has been actively engaged in LED lighting in the standard-setting work, but ultimately a step later than in Korea.
      Following Korea, the Chinese mainland and Taiwan have also launched a standard formulation, it is estimated the introduction of the first 2010 years. Currently, Taiwan's "Ministry" said the Bureau of Standards, will CNS (ChinaNationalStandars) carried out 35 kinds of LED-related standardization, has completed 12 of them standardized LED lighting-related consideration. Another Taiwanese ITRI is also working with foreign companies verified UL, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) co-operation, seek to dictate the ACLED international specifications, leading Taiwan businesses to seize the lead in the global lighting market.
      Mainland China in the December 15, 2009, issued by the Standardization Administration of 8 national standards. January 2010 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Working Group on semiconductor lighting technology standards issued the "power semiconductor optoelectronic devices Blank detail specification for light-emitting diode" and 9 semiconductor lighting industry standards. Meanwhile, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanxi, and other local governments introduced a series of local standards.
      In addition, the formal rules in the relevant national standards promulgated If ever, semiconductor lighting applications, guiding our country healthy and rapid development, semiconductor lighting to ensure the smooth development of pilot and demonstration projects, National Semiconductor Lighting Project Development and Industrialization Union organizations to develop a series of semiconductor lighting specifications, in order to correctly guide the technological innovation to control semiconductor lighting demonstration project bidding basic performance products, semiconductor illumination products truly reflect the effect of energy saving.
      Such as Union in 2009 "issued by the semiconductor LED lighting lighting pilot and demonstration projects product specification" "LED Tunnel lights recommended technical specifications," "Integral LED street lamp measurement methods (Second Edition)" have become the semiconductor lighting pilot demonstration engineering specifications semiconductor lighting products, one of the follow-up will also introduce the pilot demonstration applications for semiconductor lighting a series of technical specifications. Although the provisional draft, but the evaluation of projects involved and the technical indicators are the most basic and have a better assessment can be operational, for the time being not to pursue a comprehensive and integrity, and LED lighting products with the constant technological level and the corresponding technical standards to improve the level of the rise, as further amended.
      National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance R & D and Deputy Secretary-General Nguyen Army, said: "At this stage, our basic reference standard semiconductor lighting international standards, in the future, the need to explore effective convergence with the international standardization of the model, and consider how to seize the international system standard opportunities. "
      Development of national standards, to participate in international standard-setting is a country can win the key to international competition. Experts Call, China should actively participate in development of LED lighting international standards, although this require significant of inputs, Dan Ke Yi Zhengqutongguo international standards Bawo more industry development initiative.