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Prospect of switching power supply at home and abroad

Author:Roadsunny Date:2012-12-19 19:24:02

Regulator the main motive force of development

Switching power supply technology of power electronic technology, it uses the power converter for electric energy conversion, after transform electric energy, can meet the various electricity requirements. Due to its high efficiency and energy saving can bring enormous economic benefits, and caused a society the attention of each respect and get rapid promotion.

With AC-DC transformation for example, using frequency conversion technology with traditional phase-controlled power, using large power switch tube high frequency rectifier power supply, is technically a leap, it not only can easily get different voltage level, more important is to get rid of the large heavy power transformer and filter inductor capacitor. Due to the high frequency power converter, the power device is significantly reduced volume and weight, and the possible and the host device volume in harmony, and make the electric performance can be further improved. Because of this, in 1994 China's former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications made great and decision-making, communication fields to promote the use of switching power supply to replace the phase controlled power supply. Years of practice has proved, this decision is entirely correct. Switch power supply used for the country save a lot of copper, steel and covers an area of. Since the conversion efficiency, reducing energy consumption, reduces the power of the environment around the room, improves the working environment. China Post and telecommunications departments widely used in switching power supply has greatly promoted in other areas of the extensive application of it. It is worth pointing out, come nearly two years appear in the electric power system DC power, aimed at the state investment 400000000000 yuan for the city net, farming net power supply project, improve the transmission and distribution power supply quality and launched, it has been used since the switching power supply instead of the traditional phase controlled power supply. Some domestic communications companies such as ZTE have launched a series of products.

At present, domestic R & D and production of switching power supply manufacturers have more than 300, the formation of the scale of more than a dozen. Domestic switch power supply has occupied a considerable market, some large companies such as ZTE independent development of the power series of products have been widely recognized, in the power market competition has the superiority, and a small amount of began to export.

In twenty-first Century two, the switching power supply development prospect

Energy in social modernization plays a key role in. Power electronic technology with its flexible power converter, high performance, high power density, high efficiency, in twenty-first Century will be vigorously developed, and the switching power supply is the power electronic technology has very large proportion is an important aspect.

The 1 semiconductor circuit device and switching power supply development is important prop up

Power semiconductor devices are still the development of power electronics technology " bibcock ", power electronics technology must continue to rely on the introduction of a new type of power electronic devices.

Power field effect transistor ( MOSFET ) as unipolar multiple conductive, reduces the switching time, thus easily can reach 1MHz switching frequency by the common people to fix eyes upon. But MOSFET, enhancing device blocking voltage must be widening device drift region, the device resistance increases rapidly, device on-state voltage drop increased, conduction loss increases, so can only apply to small and medium-sized power products. In order to reduce the on-resistance, American IR company by raising per unit area within the original cell number method. Companies such as IR development of a HEXFET field effect tube, the trench ( Trench ) cell density has reached 112000000 per square inch of the highest level in the world, on-state resistance of R up to 3mΩ. Power MOSFET, 500V, TO220 package HEXFET since 1996, its on-state resistance declined at an annual rate of 50%. IR has also developed a low gate charge ( Qg ) of HEXFET, so that faster switching speed, taking into account the on-state resistance and gate charge both decreased, R× Qg 's decline in the rate of 30% per year. The Schottky diode development, the recent use of Trench structure, is expected to drop the smaller Schottky diode, called TMBS- trench MOS barrier Schottky, and possibly in very low voltage applications and synchronous rectifier MOSFET competition.