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Call of the industry standard solar cell

Author:Roadsunny Date:2012-12-19 19:18:05
Energy shortage and environmental pollution as the major issues affecting human development, known as the human inexhaustible solar energy, solar cell industry has grown in recent years become the world's important areas of economic development.
        However, the rapid development process, the solar cell industry domestically and no unified the industry standard, and there is over-investment, raw materials, waste of resources, excessive Jingzhengshenzhi Chan to surplus equipment problems.
        How to use uniform standards to regulate the solar cell industry market? Yesterday, the standard solar cell the first workshop in Guangdong Province Sanshui held thin film solar industry base. The seminar is organized by China Electronics Standardization
        Association main, flat panel display industry in Guangdong Association, China Building Material Group Corporation contractors. Industry and Information Technology, Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, China Electronics Standardization Association Yijiquanguo solar cell Ling Yu backbone enterprises, universities, research institutions, user units Deng 100 多位 attended the workshops.


        The rapid development of solar cell industry
        At present, the solar energy industry as the United States, Europe, Japan, India and other countries important direction of economic development. Particularly since the financial crisis, the rapid development of the industry is subject to the parties attention.
        According to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division Wang Bohua inspector introduction of electronic information, the world solar cell production from 1,700 MW in 2005 to develop 6850 MW by 2008, in which thin film solar cell production is 1,100 MW, accounting for 16% . Experts estimate that solar cell production in recent years will also maintain an average annual growth of more than 40%.
        And the world echo the solar cell industry, the last four or five years time, China's solar cell industry is also advancing rapidly, and has formed from the equipment manufacturing, raw materials, preparation of silicon, solar cell module production to systems installation, upstream and downstream through the whole industrial chain.
        It is understood that polysilicon production in Mainland China, from 80 tons in 2005 rose to 4715 tons, this year will exceed 15,000 tons. Sustained annual growth rate of more than 100%. Share of total international market, but also to upgrade from 0.25% in 2005 to 7.3% last year.
        Solar cell production in the area, from 145 MW in 2005 to develop 2570 MW in 2008, continue to maintain the status of world production, the annual growth rate sustained over 100%.
Overheated investment has emerged situation blind launched
        "Solar cells and silicon industry became one of the hottest industries. China's solar cell industry has entered the world of advanced industry, its growth rate fastest in the domestic industry." Wang Bohua inspector that the solar industry in particular, polysilicon overall warming, leading to overheated investment in some places, the blind launched such projects and so on.
        It is optimistic about the development prospects of the industry, to varying degrees throughout the swarm on the project, giving rise to the State Council and relevant departments attach great importance.
"Solar such a huge ship, once the wrong, it is difficult to turn back, in the case of very hot industry, government and industry how to lead?"
        "At present, many companies are buying from abroad, the original piece of glass processing and sales market is also abroad, forming a 'two out' of the pattern. In order to avoid the emerging solar industry become a simple processing trade enterprises, do not take the original repeat the introduction, repeated the old way of exports and reduce the disorderly competition, vicious competition, unified industry standard is imperative ", in International Engineering Materials, Glass Industry Design Institute, Bengbu deputy party secretary of Mali Yun eager, development and implementation of solar cells as soon as possible industry standards, and will actively participate in the formulation of industry standards.
        It is reported that, in building materials in Sanshui solar energy research and development center was set up, equipment manufacturing base and so on, "a self-developed technology and equipment, competitive, there is no excess."
Organizations can set standards bodies in Guangdong?
        At the meeting, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division Han Jun, deputy director of the other participants on the formation of the Chinese Electronics Standardization Association, the national standard solar cell subsidiary of the feasibility and necessity of work organization were discussed.
        "Can the standard organization of thin film solar work based in Canton?" Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission Vice Renpeng Ping was suggested that the solar cell industry chain based in Guangdong strong, the industrial research, development, production, application an important base, many enterprises and a complete industrial chain can be a major force in solar Standards. "
        Participants that should be relevant ISO work, give full play to the standard in the macro-control, industrial management, market discipline, application protection, the role of the core foundation to promote the sound development of China's solar cell.