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Power in charge

Job Description
1.22-30 years old Gender: Male / Female
With working experience in more than a year. 2
Good communication and a strong ability to execute
4 can be hard, careful, and strong execution.
(5) to complete the other tasks of the competent accountable

Power Engineer / Power senior engineer

Specialist and higher education, and electronic applications or power electronics applications related professional, the age of 40 years old, in good health; engaged in switching power supply design for more than 1 year, a solid foundation of knowledge, can be carried out independently of the switching power supply design and development, responsible for the pre-sale of switching power supply after-sale technical support;
Requirements: a strong sense of teamwork, able to work under pressure; work, meticulous, dedicated, strong sense of responsibility, flexibility, hard-working, willing to make progress.

Clerk / salesman


Job Description
Marketing Qualifications
College education, written and spoken English. Marketing ability, active thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, strong sense of responsibility, good health and can be adapted to a business trip. Power adapter industry sales experience in more than one year or more than three years of sales experience in other industries. Welcome marketing professional graduates to join us! Paid. Related benefits:
 Provide other benefits: pension insurance unemployment insurance health insurance maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance staff training:
Company staff restaurant, free meals.
Company staff apartments, separate toilet, floor heating, fully equipped.
3 dust-free, air-conditioned workshop, the working environment is superior.